Vet Fingered a Dog's Arse!

It was first day at the veterinary college and a group of students were down in the autopsy room with an eminent veterinary surgeon.

The surgeon introduced himself to the class and then said "There are two qualities that are absolutely essential to becoming a successful veterinary surgeon. The first of which is that you must never be repulsed by a dead animal's body."

"To demonstrate this I will stick my middle finger up this dead dog's anus and then suck it" he said as he turned to the animal on the slab. He turned back to the students sucking his finger. He then said "Now I want each and every one of you to do as I have done." There were gasps and murmurs of defiance but in the end all the students complied.

The surgeon continued "The second quality required is observation," he paused for effect. "How many of you noticed that although I stuck my middle finger up the dog's anus, it was in fact my index finger that I sucked..."

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