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The top twenty erotic best sellers ebooks sold on Adult eBook Shop site in the last thirty days. (20th May 2012 to 19th June 2012).

The ContractThe Contract by JG-Leathers - Category BDSM eBooks

The Contract, by JG-Leathers was previously published as two separate books by Gord Books.The author has not only combined these powerful stories into one stunning novel, but added 40,000 words.Susan Henderson is a bored young woman looking for some spice in her life. Upon reading an advertisement in an up-scale women's magazine that stated "excellent pay" was being offered for a five year, foreign service position, provided the applicant...

Price 6.19 ($9.71)

Gentle PersuasionGentle Persuasion by Alex Barton - Category Hetero Scorchers

Gentle Persuasion - "I want you naked, Lucy," Tony said, leaning over her sweating body. Straddling her, he pulled the dress up over her head and she reached up for him, her hands clawing his buttocks in an effort to pull him close enough to capture his cock with her mouth. But he caught her hands and lifted them over her head, gently slipping silken bonds attached to the bedposts around her wrists ...Foursome - Nicky wasn't an anal virgin,...

Price 2.99 ($4.69)

Vacation in ParadiseVacation in Paradise by Nathan Pike - Category Hetero Scorchers

A young couple meet and befriend an enigmatic older gentleman who offers them a vacation in paradise aboard his beautiful yacht. During the voyage the husband realises that their companion is seriously attracted his wife. Catching the guy looking at photos of his wife late in the night ignites a dangerous fantasy in the husband's head. Can the husband get his wife to indulge in his dangerous fantasy? And where will it all lead?

Price 1.85 ($2.90)

Witches ConventWitches Convent by Powerone - Category BDSM eBooks

Special Price- £1.30 OFF for a limited time period! ($2.00 OFF approx)The setting is a large estate in Massachusetts at the end of the 17th century near the height of the Puritans' witch-hunting frenzy. The Master of the estate opens a "Witch Convent," where he serves as both instructor and clergy. Families desperate to save their willful daughters from what they believe to be a dark influence bring their lovely but falsely accused...

Price 3.49 ($5.47)

Desert Camp - Book 1Desert Camp - Book 1 by Anguine - Category BDSM eBooks

Special Price- £1 OFF for a limited time period! ($1.55 OFF approx)This is the first episode of Anguine's best selling Desert Camp series. Starting with the capture of Jodi and her abuse and sexual torment at the hands of her new Arab masters, the story takes Jodi and others to the sex slave training camp of Sheik Al'almira. Here the hapless white women are subjected to sexual degradation and severe punishment when they fail to...

Price 2.69 ($4.22)

Daddy Helps OutDaddy Helps Out by Alex Barton - Category Hetero Scorchers

The beautiful and busty teenager Marcy is shocked when her boyfriend wants to put his cock in her virginal ass. But after her loving father introduces her to the pleasures of anal sex, nothing's going to stop her from getting it in the backside whenever she can.Warning. This story is extreme. NOT for the faint hearted.

Price 2.99 ($4.69)

Sold into SlaverySold into Slavery by Claire Thompson - Category BDSM eBooks

Ruthless sex slave traffickers have set their sights on Leah Jacobs, a young American vacationing in Thailand. Unaware of the kidnappers' net closing around her, Leah meets Devin Lyons, a sexy Englishman with a shared love of all things BDSM. After a sensual night of erotic exploration, the two plan to meet again the next evening.But in the morning, while Leah's on a shopping expedition in the streets of Pattaya, the slave traffickers spring...

Price 3.59 ($5.63)

Teaching The Au Pair To SubmitTeaching The Au Pair To Submit by Powerone - Category BDSM eBooks

Jessica is a full-time college student surviving on scholarships with no time or money for anything else, except her erotic daydreams of a tall, dark, dominant stranger. Facing a penniless, jobless summer, Jessica is thrilled when a her professors refers her for a three month au pair position in Haiti, working for the prominent and wealthy Michael Jergen.Jessica jumps at the chance, envisioning a summer of adventure in an exotic new land....

Price 3.49 ($5.47)

Amanda - The Signing BonusAmanda - The Signing Bonus by Erik D Astor - Category Interracial

Amanda thought it was a quick busman's holiday. Travel with her husband and his boss as a girl Friday while they close a deal worth millions with an African President. But she is thrown into the mix when the President insists that use of her for the weekend had to be a part of the deal.Style: Interracial Erotica, General Erotica

Price 2.39 ($3.75)

In the DarkIn the Dark by Jack Brighton - Category Gay Male Erotic Stories

Captured and bound then plied with an aphrodisiac - a sexy young philosophy student is tested on reality. In the dark he experiences such highs and lows, incredible pleasure and hideous pain. Using sensory deprivation to further sharpen his responsiveness, his notion of sexuality is teasingly challenged during a night that will change his life forever.Nothing is simple, and no man is totally straight - not when the dark strips everything...

Price 1.79 ($2.81)

Here Kitty, KittyHere Kitty, Kitty by Shooter3704 - Category Interracial

Borrowing money from a loan shark is a slippery slope as Mack discovered. With no money to repay the loan it fell to Mack's wife, Kitty, to make restitution with the only thing of value she had. With no options she spread her legs for the black loan shark and his muscle, Fritz. It wasn't long before they reeled her into prostitution and she didn't fight the hook very much."Here Kitty, Kitty" is hot sizzling interracial erotica.One on one...

Price 2.99 ($4.69)

Eve: Portrait of a SubmissiveEve: Portrait of a Submissive by Steve Maser - Category BDSM eBooks

"When she finally did move in with him, he first had her sign a paper, in the form of a contract, under which she agreed to become his slave, to surrender all her rights to him, and to obey him unconditionally; furthermore she agreed in advance to submit to any punishment he might care to inflict in the event of disobedience."In the spring of 1975 Eve Sloan, a twenty-two year old college dropout, was living in a shabby tenement apartment in...

Price 4.79 ($7.51)

Enslaved: A New SocietyEnslaved: A New Society by Powerone - Category BDSM eBooks

What do you get when you mix a soldier of fortune, a beautiful female college professor, four female students and four male students on a deserted island for too long? A NEW SOCIETY! A plane crash leaves this mismatched group on an island in the China Sea. Hope turns to desperation after weeks on the island. Sexual attractions turn to sexual dominations as the men lose their moral reasoning. ENSLAVED; A NEW SOCIETY is Powerone's latest...

Price 4.79 ($7.51)

Summer SchoolSummer School by Richard Stryker - Category Spanking

School is out and Summer School is in as 20 hot young fillies square up to 6 rampant tutors who are there to teach the youngsters a lesson in life.This story covers the first week of the lives of the poor young students! Spankings, whippings, caning, bondage and other action go to make this an amazing collection of adventures.

Price 3.69 ($5.79)

Six Masters Island - Chayton's TwinsSix Masters Island - Chayton's Twins by Candace Smith - Category BDSM eBooks

Special Price- £1 OFF for a limited time period! ($1.55 OFF approx)When Lindsey and her friends are kidnapped in Las Vegas and taken to a remote island, she is unable to believe what is happening to her.While most of her friends are turned into ponygirls for the amusement of the Masters ruling the island, Lindsey finds herself a sexual plaything for her Master and for his male slave and lover.Special Price- £1 OFF for a...

Price 3.20 ($5.02)

The Milk Bitch TrilogyThe Milk Bitch Trilogy by Frances Gaines Bennett - Category BDSM eBooks

Milk Bitch - During lunch at a DC power restaurant, the striking brunette journalist Gina can't take her eyes off a ruggedly handsome man on the other side of the dining room. An advance on him is rebuffed by the maitre'd, but that doesn't stop Gina from trading a night of sex with the restaurant owner for information on her mystery man.Before that night is over Gina will be drugged and later wake up in a warehouse, where she sees shocking...

Price 5.99 ($9.40)

Office SlaveOffice Slave by J W McKenna - Category BDSM eBooks

The beautiful but haughty Ellen Sanchez thought she could get away with embezzling from Jack Sawyer, the powerful CEO of Sawyer Metalworking. When she was caught, she said she would do "anything" to avoid going to jail. Anything turned out to be a new position for Ellen: Company love slave.After months of pleasing everyone on command, Ellen discovered a side of herself he had never suspected; she enjoyed being an "Office Slave."Find out...

Price 2.99 ($4.69)

Secretary's Punishment: Spanked For Her Mistakes!Secretary's Punishment: Spanked For Her Mistakes! by J W McKenna - Category BDSM eBooks

When Emily Robinson lands a good job with Bonham Industries, she's desperate to keep it. Unfortunately, Emily's new boss, Edward Caudry, is a very strict man and even the tiniest mistakes infuriate him. One day, after yet another typo, Edward gives Emily a choice: she can be fired or submit to a "punishment" that will better help her focus -- a bare-bottomed spanking!While part of Emily rebels at the idea -- it's certainly not allowed in...

Price 2.95 ($4.63)

21 Sins21 Sins by Lizbeth Dusseau - Category BDSM eBooks

Girls in her position give up their names and their lives... they're sold as lots. This story is about Lot 21...The former Melinda duBois is brought to the State Detention Center upon the death of her 'guardian' her owner, lover and sexual master, Samuel Janes. Will she be reassigned-sold to another guardian in a lifetime contract of indentured servitude? Or will her counselor, Sydney Wingate, choose to release her to a mainstream life that...

Price 3.69 ($5.79)

Ellen's Hell In Camp ParadiseEllen's Hell In Camp Paradise by Martin Hughes - Category BDSM eBooks

Beautiful young Ellen commits a minor misdemeanour and finds herself sentenced to a term in one of the new slave farms in mid 21 Century England.There with other unfortunates she is subject to intense and humiliating discipline, punishment and used sexually by the male and female staff.Camp Paradise is literally a hell on earth and run by a commandant whose instability eventually brings matters to a head.Style: MaleDom, Moderate,...

Price 4.29 ($6.73)

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