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Huge BAM Dildo Review By Jennie

Filled by HUGE REALISTIC PENIS and Then Squirting!

Bam DildoAs you probably know the Bam Dildo is huge. That's why I have put up a huge image of one.

It's very thick, about 3 inches and very long, about 13 inches. It's heavy and sort of soft but firm. Apparently it's very comfortable when inside but I cannot vouch for that! It's also very nicely detailed with knotted veins. To think that Bam actually has a cock like it is amazing. It exudes power and menace.

If any one out there still thinks that women prefer 6 inch maggots then read on...

My friends at Bionic Tonic alerted me to another review that just appeared on their site. It's by a Belgian girl called Jennie and once again about the Bam dildo, it's quite a read...

Jennie's Bam Dildo Review

My first impression of the Bam was - Not for me!!!

We used Dr. J dildo before BAM and it was a bit of a surprise when my husband bought BAM for me. I though that was a crazy idea even to think of using it and it was left in a box for a few months. One night we were pleasing each other without intercourse as we regularly practise and after having an orgasm with Dr.J dildo I was so exited that asked my hubby to use more lubricant and keep going.

He pulled out a dildo and I heard how he was squeezing a few times a tube with the lubricant. Then he asked me to spread my legs wider and move my lips apart with my fingers. He squeezed a lot of lubricant over my pussy and I suddenly felt how something big covered my entry, moved a bit in and stopped with some pressure on it. I instantly realized what that was – BAMs head!

A few moment later my hubby asked me to take control and move forward. I started moving my bottom in a circle pushing towards this big head and felt growing tension in my opening but couldn’t stop. It was going on for about of ten minutes before I felt the head going in stretching me. With my fingertips I felt how my outer lips covered the rim of the head opening me even wider.

That was a little bit of painful and knowing that I am wider inside I wanted the head’s widest part to pass the opening as soon as possible. I moaned loudly: “push” and felt how the head passed through and got inside of vagina. It was a mixed filling of big a relief, no more pain and incredibly voluptuous feeling of spreading me from inside.

I suddenly felt my husband’s tang over my clit and started drifting away from such and incredible pleasure. I slowly began moving in circle my bottom pushing my body toward dildo and filling how it was stuffing my more and more. Unexpected strong contraction all over my bottom caused a mind blowing orgasm with another new pleasurable experience of becoming wet during orgasm – squirting. I cried and trembled, ….so intense, so strong….that as the dildo was pushed out.

It took me a few minutes to calm down before I could say a word. Next morning I felt some discomfort that faded away before lunch. That is over a year since we first used BAM. I love it. The best ever dildo we have had. I don’t feel I am loose having intercourse with my hubby, however after that I can relax and take BAM with plenty of lubricant with no pain or discomfort. Yes, it goes in every time tight to start with and my hubby can now please me for quite a long time with often me squirting.

I usually had one orgasm before, now I may have 3-4. Never dreamt about. Sorry for my Belgian English.


YES!!! I would recommend Bam.

Wow! you're probably dripping pre-cum or love-juice by now. I was when I read it!If you want to to see more reviews just go to the Bam Dildo page and the Bam Dildo Review page.

Also, while we are on the Huge Penis thing, you may like to check out this erotic ebook: Confessions of a Size Queen by Veronica Divine. As the name suggests it's about a woman that loves getting fucked by Huge Penises...

Seriously. Just leave a comment on this post with your email address and I'll tell you how to get a £5.00 Discount at a top UK based Sex Toy site.

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Big Thick Penis Vibrator

They DO Like It Up'Em!

My friends over at Bionic Tonic Sex Toys have told me that this is newly in their shop.

They have the cheapest prices on sex toys in the UK. So, if you want one, check them out and see for yourself.

This Realistic Vibrator is called Adam's Cock 7X Vibrating and is just superb, check out the veins and the massive testicles!

It's heavy too. Over a pound in weight apparently, it's thick! Oh, it's thick! And it VIBRATES!

It's the vibrator version of the Adam's Pleasureskin Cock which is their best selling realistic dildo.

Here's some of the reviews for the non-vibrating version:

My first impression of the Adam's Pleasureskin Cock was JChrist that looks impressive.
I have several toys from various sources but i have to say that this is the most realistic lookin n feelin one ever! I just can't leave it alone.
I would highly recommend Adam's Pleasureskin Cock.

~ karen

My first impression of the Adam's Pleasureskin Cock was: TOO BIG!
After the initial reaction of "this is NOT going to work" from my wife, I warmed her up with head between her legs for a while. She then was able to slide this monster into her wet pussy in seconds. We posted "Adam" on our headboard and within three or four minutes of "Adam" in her now engorged pussy and my rock hard cock in her mouth she orgasmed and she then begged me to fuck her in her ass. We've experienced anal before, by my usually timid wife of 13 years NEVER gave herself so willingly. We moved into the shower and with the beast on the wall, I easily slid my cock into my wife's ass. After a few minutes of being DP'd and another couple of orgasms (in tones and volumes I've never heard before!), that was just about enough for the both of us. Men....if you're not intimidated by a cock larger than yours....BUY THIS FOR YOUR WOMAN! TODAY!
I would recommend Adam's Pleasureskin Cock.

~ john

My wife has many toys...but this one she loves and for once admits she enjoys this. I've spent £'s on toys yet this is one, if not the best it's definitely best value!!

Read more Adam's Pleasureskin Cock Reviews...

I have checked out a few other sites for you and found this from a guy!

i was wondering what anal was like so i popped on the next and after a week days of thinking about it i got this and wow was i shocked when i opened the post that day this thing is big and scary still i lube up and after about half an hour i managed 2 get the head in an hours later i was at the balls. if this is ur 1st time with anal like it was mine then its goin 2 hurt but it feels soo good once u have given it a go for me this is a top buy

So there you have it. As I said earlier 'They do like it up'em!' and so would you. Buy It Now

Famous headline on front page of an English World War 2 news paper.


And if your thinking of pushing anything up someone's rear then check out these Butt Plugs, Anal Beads and Prostate Toys...

Would you really like to see what can happen if you Push a Bottle Up the Arse!

Bionic Tonic Sex Toys are selling the excellent Rabbit Pearl vibrator for a cheapest on the web price of £13.99.

But you can see a lot more Rabbit Pearl Vibrators here.

Some sites are selling these sort of vibrators for over £20.00 so it's a very good deal!

The Rabbit Pearl is one of the most popular rabbit vibrators and it's said it make a perfect pussy... err, I mean stocking filler. This is a best selling product not some rubbish that they are giving away cheap.

It makes a great present and you may well get to use it on your girlfriend/wife which is nice. I use it on mine and it's great to watch the look of pleasure on her face and then see her curl her toes as she cums... They love it.

Here's some reviews about this excellent vibrator:

i rushed home and locked myself in tho loo with that baby. I was in pure ectacey from the strong vibrations from the bunny and the rotating shalft. you havn't lived till you've tried the rabbit!
~Sarah-Sun 26 Jun 2005 15:19:11-Score: 10

I love this toy it is the only .. only thing that makes me orgasm and feel like im leaving my body ! it is awesome... the rabbit head stimulation is so perfectly designed to hit exactly the right places.
~Denise Score: 10

Bam Dildo up girls anusI just found this short clip of some girl with a Bam (The page has now been removed - not surprisingly!) Complete with squelching sounds as she fucks herself!

Here's the story of Victoria and the Bam Dildo as told by her boyfriend Jamie. He sure is a lucky guy! This is the flip-side of Bam Dildo Review - Victoria Has Been Fucked! which was by Victoria. Both are well worth a read.

Hi, My name is Jamie and I am the very lucky bastard who is lucky enough to be married to the gorgeous Victoria, its a hard job but someone has to do it. I thought I would write and tell you about the most amazing valentines night we had with the help of a rather large black dildo from bionictonic.

We had booked in to a rather nice hotel, we have been working our arses off a felt we needed to break, some well earned us time.

After the meal and far to many glasses of champagne we made our way back to the room, I knew under that rather sexy black dress she had on stockings and the most sexy new underwear, just waiting to be ripped off, she had been teasing me all night.

As soon as we were back in the room I had to have her and pushed her over on all fours over the large armchair, pushing her skirt up over her backside and pushing her knickers to one side I felt straight away the warmth and wetness coming from her pussy. I pushed a finger in, then a couple more, she was so wet I knew she would be begging for a good stretching. I got our new Bam dildo out, leaving her fingering herself hard and getting really desperate for a hard seeing to. As soon as I pressed the hard dildo to her lips she was squirming, wanting it deep inside her, slowly I stretched her open and it was in her deep, not satisfied with this she begged to be fucked hard and who am I to let the poor girl down. I rammed that large Bam dildo right up her as hard as she could take it, before long she was screaming and begging for it harder, then she came long and hard, god knows what the people in the next room thought!!

Afterwards still wanting more and with the rather clever suction on the bottom of the dildo she attached it to the bathroom floor tiles, now dressed just in her stockings and heels she gave herself another seeing to for my viewing pleasure, seeing her lowering her self onto it, seeing her lips part and it going in and out of her, I was so hard and gagging for some of the action, so while she was still sat on it I shoved my cock in her mouth and got her to suck me off, what a valentines treat, the most beautiful horny woman, sexily dressed on a huge dildo with my cock juice dribbling down her lips.

Any way, you can buy the Bam Dildo here.

Golden Root Sex Enhancer

Makes Your Penis Real Hard!

Image of a packet of Golden Root Complex sex enhancer

This stuff really does work!


I find two capsules best works best for me. But you only really need two if you are planing a Fuckfest. I would say that your cock will be about half an inch longer than when erect without GR helping and it throbs like a teenager's!

My girlfriend really gets off on the throbbing!

You can buy Golden Root from my friends at the Bionic Tonic Sex Shop. They have the CHEAPEST PRICE that I can find on the web. Don't take my word for it, do a search and buy it wherever...

I knew the wife wanted sex but did not feel much like it myself (shame on me!) so I took one capsule and went back to sleep. About half an hour later I woke up absolutely rigid. So much so that it was actually throbbing! When the wife brought breakfast up (it got cold before it was eaten) we made love. Oh, how we made love. She said she could feel my penis throbbing inside her and orgasmed many times. She wants me to get more and I definitely will. Fantastic product at a fantastic price.
~ Jack Smith

My first impression of the Golden Root Complex was worth a try for the price...

I bought golden root as a present for my partner who gets so excited at our sex games he always climaxs really quick, after taking the tablet we sure did party as his cock stayed hard most of the night . We have bought another well known tablet and this was by far the better of the two. if you want your love making to last longer and have more fun please buy the golden root.

~ Wendy

Those pills work!! Pop the pill an 45mins later your cock as hard as ever and used with the vibrating cock ring it heaven for both!!The thing is my wife know when I take one because my cock is so hard and seems to get wider!! And in the morning its just as hard. For me it lasts about 12 hours.Just thinking about sex and bang its ready for action. Great fun for all!!
Just one pill an 45mins later wow stiff as a board

~ Lloyd

I took one Golden Root capsule an hour before, got a diamond cutter (first time in years), ran up stairs to wife waiting in bedroom, tripped on carpet and pole vaulted out the window! Seriously though, it does work. Well pleased.
~J Tarbuck

The great thing her is that both partners get enjoyment from it and at a mere £1.99 you really cannot ask for more.
Bam Dildo Review - Victoria Has Been Fucked!

We've all been waiting for this and the wait was worth it!

Bam DildoBack in January this year I posted Bam Dildo - Someone's Gonna Get Fucked it was about a girl who had contacted my friends over at Bionic Tonic a couple of years ago and said she would like to test their sex toys...

Anyway the girl's a sex maniac (in the nicest possible way) and she has tested several of their sex toys. It turns out that she likes really large cocks so for a St Valentine's Day treat they sent her the Huge Bam Dildo to test ride.

I've really been waiting for this and I know that there are many of you out there that have been waiting for this too!

Here it is in Victoria's own (sexy) words, it's worth the wait. It certainly gave me a stiffy reading it!

Hi, I’m Victoria and I am sorry that I haven’t written anything for you for a while, but I am a very busy business woman, but you know what they say, all work and no play makes Victoria such a sad girl, so Jamie and I decided it was time for some us time and a valentines break.

Hotel booked, Bam Dildo packed for some fun, we were all set.

The hotel was gorgeous, the meal lovely and more champagne than any young lady should drink, but knowing that Bam was waiting for me back in the room you can’t blame a girl for needing a little dutch courage.

I flirted all evening, bit of cleavage across the table, foot job under the table, getting Jamie hotter and hotter, I knew that when we got back to the room I was going to get the screwing of my life.

We rushed into the room and were all over each other, dressed in my sexy black dress, hot new underwear and heels, Jamie couldn’t resist and before I knew it I was shoved over the armchair, skirt hitched up, knickers pushed to the side and my juices running down the inside of my legs and over my naked pussy lips, like to keep it hair free, so much nicer for licking! Jamie had slipped a finger in and was working me into a frenzy, then two, by this time I was so hot I was desperate for a good stretching and fucking. I like the feeling of being stretched and full, sometimes a good fisting is all I need but other times only the Bam Dildo will do.

Feeling that massive 13 inches touch my pussy I wanted it bad, slowly Jamie started to push it inside me, I could feel my lips around the top of it, slowly spreading and working their way around the 8.5’ girth of this massive toy, pure bliss. No joke, this thing is heaven, because of what its made of its so comfortable, not hard and soon warms to your body making the pleasure more realistic. Once in I really wanted to feel it, still on all fours, spread to the max, wetter than I have ever been Jamie rammed that huge dildo in and out of me so fucking hard, I was screaming, god knows what the people in the other rooms thought, but hey, who cares, I was in Bam heaven. I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life, the muscle intensity stretched over the dildo is truly mind blowing, we have a vast range of toys, but this one outshines the lot.

After I came, I ripped my dress, bra & knickers off, took Bam Dildo into the bathroom and attached it to the tiled bathroom floor with the clever suction device on the bottom, it was time for a little show for Jamie. I squatted over Bam & lowered myself over, lips round the top, stretching then pushing my pussy down back over this beast, you can really ride this thing like this and it doesn’t budge. I was fucking it hard, tits bouncing, can you imagine the view, Jamie was rock solid and in need of relief and decided his cock down the back of my throat was the way to go after a show like that. I sucked his hard cock good and hard and gulping that cum down my throat. Jamie said I looked amazing, still sat on the huge dildo, dressed just in heels, cum running down the side of my lips, what a Valentines!!!

God I am so wet just writing this review, reliving that moment, I think I will have to retire to the bedroom for a little Bam fun, bye until next time.

Victoria X

PS : Don’t just save Bam for the bedroom, its great in the bathroom as there are no batteries, you can stick it to the tiled bathroom wall and let it take you from behind, or place it in the bottom of the bath, fill with water & bubbles and have that private soak you know that you deserve after a hard day, don’t forget your candles & glass of champagne ;)

Wow! What a girl, Jamie is a truly lucky guy!

You can buy the Bam Dildo from Bionic Tonic and they probably have the best price around too. Don't take my word for it though!

BAM Dildo - Someone's Gonna Get Fucked

Victoria and Jamie are back!

Bam DildoMy friends over at Bionic Tonic have got back in touch with Victoria. She's a real live sex pot! She originally got in touch with them a couple of years ago and said she would like to test their sex toys, so they sent her one and she wrote a review. Since then she has written several reviews and I have to say they are the best. She's absolutely sex mad and she loves LARGE COCK!

You can see how big the BAM Dildo is. It's absolutely massive. And Victoria is a very small lady! But she can take the lot!

Watch This Space!

Victoria is going to take this monster on her Valentines Day weekender... Personally I cannot wait to hear about it.

Here are some of Victoria's exploits that I have written about in the past:
1Double Bunny Vibrator Review
Victoria & Jamie have been back in touch, so to speak. They've 'rode tested' a Double Bunny which is a rabbit vibrator with a difference. Victoria is a very sexy 'no holes barred' girl with a great imagination and a rampant sex drive. Sort of every ma...
2Sexy Vibrating G-String
I had a nice surprise earlier today. I unexpectedly received the following from Victoria and I thought I would share it with you.After watching the very naughty girls on FTVGirls.comand seeing them having a lot of fun with pantystuffing and of...
3Tiny Girl Fucked By Huge Vibrator
My friends at Bionic Tonic Sex Toys were recently contacted by a couple that are sex mad. They wanted to try out sex toys and write reviews. They liked the sound of the offer and sent them a box of goodies. What follows is the first review, Victoria i...
4Vibrating G-String For Great Sex
Here's a product review from Victoria & Jamie. They really know how to fuck! Right enough, so they do!Jamie and I always go out on a Friday night, afterworking hard all week it's the least we deserve, asits summer I can wear a nice little dress ...
5Fisting Guide - How To Fist Fuck
When I read the review of the King Kong Vibrator, I was amazed to learn that Victoria likes being fist fucked. So, I asked her if she could write a Fisting Guide to explain, not only how to do it but also what pleasure you can get from it. What follow...
6G-spot Tickler Sex Toy Review
Here's another review from our favourite sex pot Victoria.Before I say anything else, any girl reading this review, trust me, buy one of these and all your dreams will come true. I now couldn’t live with out mine and have told all my friends to bu...
Prostate Massager Review

Probably the best priced anal prostate toy available today...

My friends at Bionic Tonic gave me this review that has just been submitted to their web site.

Euphoria Prostate MassagerFrom the first day I used the euphoria to massage and milk my prostate this product has totally done the job, THE ORGASMS ARE FANTASTIC CAN RUN FROM TWO TO THIRTY MINUTES. MY AGE BEING 63. I use this product to cleanse my prostate to avoid prostate cancer this product gives me so much pleasure and look forward to using it 2 times a week. This is total enjoyment and a pleasurable experence,this will become your best friend for sexual pleasure.

High praise indeed!

What a fantastic endorsement of the product.

Read the Euphoria Prostate Massager review.

You may also like some more Prostate Milking Information.

Start The New Year With A Larger Penis

Girls Like Big Fat Penises

If you are a woman, it is very easy to start the year with a larger penis. You just go out and find a new man. Of course you may have to go through a few men to actually find one with a big fat penis but that can be quite fun anyway!

However, if you are a man, getting a larger penis is a bit of a challenge. So here's some help:

Andro Penis Extender - Penis Enlargement DeviceThe Andro Penis Extender is considered amongst the best penis enlargement traction devices on the market. Some sites are selling this for $300.00+ or £180.00+.

Basically it is a penis stretching device. By wearing it over a period of time, your penis is held under tension. Eventually your penis will grow to relieve that tension and then you re-apply the tension to cause more growth. Gains of up to three inches have been reported.

And three inches is a lot. Imagine withdrawing you penis from a girls vagina by the usual full amount only to have a further three inches buried in wet slippery vagina! Gives me a hard-on just thinking about it!

And the best news...

Bionic Tonic are selling it for £129.99.

That's the best price I can find on the web.

Let me know if any one else is cheaper.

Check out their Penis Enlargement Information page for more details.

Girls Fucked By Huge Dildos

These slappers love their to get their pussy stretched to the limit!

The foul mouthed slapper in the picture below fucks herself with the Huge Bam Dildo. She can take the thickness (which is amazing) but can only take about half of it's 13 inch length (which is comforting). Go and take a look at the Free Movie Sample over at and look for Hailey's Brutal Experience. See her pussy stretched to the limit, her pussy lips clinging to the fat shaft not wanting to let it go. Her greedy distended vulva gapes open!

Girl holding a huge Bam DildoThe Bam is 13" long and so thick (over 3") that you cannot get your fingers around it. Unfortunately for us mere mortals, many women love having their vagina's full to busting with thick cock. This is where the Bam comes into play. It's heavy and bendable (see the movie clip) and a real challenge.You can buy the pussy stretching Bam Dildo at Bionic Tonic and you can read the Bam Dildo Reviews there too. Well worth a read...

Would you like to watch some a seriously large black penis actually fucking? I've managed to find a DVD featuring Bam...

The Bam, Big Black and Beautifull porn DVD has Bam in various sexual encounters with guys and girls that love his huge black penis.

Q: What do Tupperware and a walrus have in common?

A. They both like a tight seal.

Guys, if your girl is a bit too big down below, then maybe you should consider some pussy tightener...

Or if you are the problem and you could do with a bit more meat on your privates, then consider the Andro Penis Extender. It's consideredthe best penis enlargement traction devices on the market. Bionic Tonic are selling it for £129.99 as a Christmas Special Offer. Now that is VERY CHEAP for that product.

I almost forgot to mention that Bionic Tonic are giving away a FREE COCK RING away with EVERY ORDER.

For those of you that have never used a cock ring check out this page on Cock Rings Information.

They're GREAT!!!!

Rabbit Pearl Vibrator - Special Christmas Offer

A Stocking Filler And A Pussy Filler

Bionic Tonic Sex Toys are selling the excellent Rabbit Pearl vibrator for a cheapest on the web price of £10.99.

Some sites are selling this vibrator for £19.95 so it's a big saving!

The Rabbit Pearl is one of the most popular rabbit vibrators and it's price has been reduced by £6.00 as a Christmas offer. This is a best selling product not some rubbish that they are giving away cheap.

It makes a great present and you may well get to use it on your girlfriend/wife which is nice. I use it on mine and it's great to watch the look of pleasure on her face and then see her curl her toes as she cums... It's all down to the clit stimulator, push the shaft in deep until the rabbit ears brush the clitoris, then withdraw and the push it in again and again and again, they love it.

Here's some reviews about this excellent vibrator:

i rushed home and locked myself in tho loo with that baby. I was in pure ectacey from the strong vibrations from the bunny and the rotating shalft. you havn't lived till you've tried the rabbit!
~Sarah-Sun 26 Jun 2005 15:19:11-Score: 10

This is fantastic the clit stim part of it is amazing the shaft i dont always use and when i do that is equaly fantastic. My boyfriend doesnt feel threatened by it cos i get him to use it on me thats great fun sit back relax.
~H-Wed 27 Apr 2005 20:00:32- Score: 10

I love this toy it is the only .. only thing that makes me orgasm and feel like im leaving my body ! it is awesome... the rabbit head stimulation is so perfectly designed to hit exactly the right places.
~ Denise-Wed 02 Feb 2005 14:31:00- Score: 10

Many people believe that penis pumping does not work but the evidense out there contradicts this. Check out the picture below. That guy does not need to enlarge his cock, I hear you say!

OK, it may not be permanent but judging by the size some guys pump to, that may be a blessing!

Guy with very long penis using a penis pump.The airtight cylinder is placed over your penis. The vacuum pump causes blood to rush into a portion of your penis which is made of erectile tissue (Corpus Spongiosum/Corpora Cavernosa), not muscle. Pumping causes an increase in the thickness of the shaft skin and an expansion of the spaces in the corpus spongiosum. Because the corpora cavernosa is a live tissue that is similar in manner to a sponge and the human body grows and adapts to stress placed upon it, causing the spongy tissue of the corpora cavernosa to stretch out will cause it to heal in an enlarged state that can hold more blood. The suspensory ligament may also be stretched by pumping,pulling more of your dick out from the body causing you to hang much longer and thicker. The length and frequency of your pumping sessions and your individual physiology are factors that will determine your results.

Through daily pumping, it is possible to maintain the increases otherwise your penis shrinks back to its normal size within 24 - 48 hours as most increases are only temporary.

Your penis will stay larger for at least several hours after pumping and is great to do before shagging that bird you've always fancied or visiting a sex party or a sex club...

You can get Penis Pumps at my friends Bionic Tonic Online Sex Shop so if you fancy giving it a go, check them out. They have just about the best prices going as well.

There's a bigger choice of Penis Pumps here but the prices are a bit higher. They are well worth taking a look at too!

You don't have to cook it breakfast and pretend to be interested in it the next morning.

My Pals over at Bionic Tonic sent me this review of a penis enlarger that was left on their site. They never published it but thought it was funny, so they gave it to me.

Being born with both a very small length and girth, I have tried several ways to improve my size. I have been told the old saying 'its not the size of the wave, but the motion of the ocean', unfortunately tho, this is never the case. Saying that tho, I have no motion either, so my self-confidence was at an all time low before i bought this product. During my last sexual encounter, as I am very self-consious about the size of my member, i put it into the hand of my partner in the dark. Unfortunately she replied 'sorry, i dont smoke' which is a terrible put down. I shall not talk about any growth I have acieved, as that would be vulgar, but lets just say im now happy with almost 2 inches. And let me tell you guys, the women love it now!! I highly recommend this product!
~ Mr Craig Ball

A penis with a false eye rolled under the foreskinDo you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you when you're wanking?

Check out this funny page on maturbators information.

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