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1Another Holiday Snap
Another snap from my holiday. It was a beautiful sunset.
2Every 3rd DVD FREE and FREE Delivery
Great News! I just heard that Quality Adult Sex DVDs are doing anotherSPECIAL OFFER - Pay only what you see for each item - there are no postage and packing charges whatsoever!In addition to this offer each 3rd film is FREE. So what are you waitin...
3Monkey See, Monkey Do Blow Job
Just who are they imitating? We like it, so it should come as no surprise that they like it!
4Cock Sucking - A Wife's Angle
Daughter: Mummy, where do babies come from?Mother: Oh... Erm... Well dear, a mummy and daddy fall in love and get married. Then one night they go into the bedroom and they kiss and hug and have sex... That means the daddy puts his penis into the mum...
5Cock Sucking Delight
Pull the skin back off the top,your heavy, meaty lolli-pop.Caress my nuts between my thighsand use your tongue to gauge my size.Lick my cock from balls to glans,weigh my nuts with both your hands.Accept my cock between your lips,take it down...
6Suck Your Own Penis
How cool is that!Now that IS something that all guys would love to be able to do!
7Sucking A Huge Fat Black Penis
Check this porn dvd out!If you want to see the fattest black cock in the porn industry then take a look at Face Full Of Diesel. As you can see it's a very thick cock and the girls love it!The girl in the picture is having trouble getting it into h...
8Cock Sucking Advice
Here's some advice for girls (or guys) that don't like the taste of spunk (sperm) but do like sucking cock (giving blowjobs).When you feel the guy is going to cum (ejaculate) - this should be fairly obvious, it is with me - take his cock as far down...
9Cock Sucking
Not wanting to sound churlish but some girls do not know how to suck cock.When you suck a man's penis, ROLL THE FORESKIN BACK!!!!Many younger girls make this mistake. When an experienced cunt licker licks a pussy he (or she) will part the out lips...
10Free Blow Job
It's unbelievable but the sign says it all.If you go to Penrith railway station and stand close to the platform edge...You may get SUCKED OFF.Get to the back of the queue!
11Biggest Blow Job?
Did you know that Linda Lovelace's grandmother went down on the Titanic?
12Technicolour Blow Job
Years ago when I still lived at my parents house, I was watching TV one evening when the door bell rang. There, standing at the door was a very pretty girl with long dark hair. She introduced herself as Sharon, whom I had gone out with two or three ye...

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