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1Free Erotic Sex Stories
***** HOT NEWSHOT NEWSHOT NEWSHOT NEWSHOT NEWS *****Adult eBook Shop are giving away a FREE EROTIC BOOKS. There's no catch and I promise you absolutely NOTHING TO PAY!!!The last time I looked there were about five freebies.***** HOT...
2An Erotic Story For Christmas
If you're wanting an enchanting and erotic read over the feastive season and the shops are closed, here's a great solution from Adult eBook Shop. Immediately Downloadable!!!Immed...
3Fanny Hill FREE COPY
Here's another fantastic offer from Adult eBook Shop. They have Fanny Hill by John Cleland on their site for FREE DOWNLOAD.There's no catch here, take a look for yourself.Among the most banned books of all time, Cleland's 18th Century novel got ...
4Lady Chatterley's Lover FREE COPY
If you like reading sexy stories or erotica, then you might like to know that Adult eBook Shop have Lady Chatterley's Lover on their site for FREE DOWNLOAD.Now you cannot be fairer than that!The publication of the book caused a scandal due to its ...

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