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1Two Hookers Talking...
FiFi: "'Ere, have you ever been picked up by the fuzz?"Zsa Zsa: "No but I have been swung around by the tits!"
215 Tips For Fucking Hookers In Amsterdam
Every year many guys from England go off to Holland for a weekend break. A stag do or something like it... I am going to assume that you are going to Amsterdam in a group. I have been on my own several times and still fucked hookers but it's generally...
3The Nasty Hooker
Some years ago I went to the Southampton Boat Show with my mate Adrian. We had a B&B for the night organised and so, after spending hours looking at the boats, we went to a nearby bar to unwind.Emboldened by a few beers and feeling the need for som...
4My First Hooker
I was visiting a friend of mine called Colin in Los Angeles some years ago. I had gone with a friend Graham and Patsy, my girlfriend, even though the relationship had run its course and was over. Colin had been living in LA for about six months after ...
5Encounter With Thai Hooker
My mate Big Al was recently dumped on holiday by his girlfriend of five years. His girlfriend had stayed at home, he was with some male friends.Heartbroken, he decided to cheer himself up with a take-away. She was gorgeous looking and Al looked for...
6Two Old Whores
First old whore: "If I've been up those stairs once today, I've been up them fifty times".Second old whore: "Oh, your poor feet".

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