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1Big Thick Penis Vibrator
My friends over at Bionic Tonic Sex Toys have told me that this is newly in their shop. They have the cheapest prices on sex toys in the UK. So, if you want one, check them out and see for yourself.This Realistic Vibrator is called Adam's Cock 7X...
2Massive Testicles
I once had a girlfriend that told me that testicles were far more interesting than a penis.She'd have loved this guys wedding tackle!This lucky guy has a big fat cock as well!Mind you, he can't wear Speedo's on the beach...
3Tribe With Huge Testicles
Meet the huge testicle tribe! As you will see from the picture on the left, these guys have the biggest bollocks in the world. By a long way.Their secret has recently been revealed.Males in the tribe are absolutely normal until puberty when the...

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