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1Lavatory Grafitti - Alternative Here I Sit
Here I sit in all this vapourSome daft cunt has nicked the paperTime is short, I cannot lingerGuess I'll have to use my finger
2Lavatory Humour - Broken Hearted
Here I sit broken hearted,Tried to shit but only farted.
3More Lavatory Humour - Toilet Graffiti
If at first you don't succeed,Put your elbows on your knees.Put your chin between your thumbsGive a grunt and out it comes!
4Lavatory Graffiti - Jumping Crabs
"Don't sit on the toilet seat, the crabs in here can jump two feet.Don't use the trap next door, the crabs in there jump two feet more!"Not much to do with sex here, I'll grant you. Not unless you're into Glory Holes and Cottaging!Don't knock ...
5Lavatory Humour
Who said you couldn't catch something off a toilet seat?

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