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1Nuns Having Sex And Sucking Penises
If you like reading sexy stories or erotica, then you might like to take a look at these erotic ebooks. These sizzlers are cheap and instantly available.My girlfriend particularly enjoyed this ebook and so I read it too!It's actually a very good s...
2Cock Sucking Delight
Pull the skin back off the top,your heavy, meaty lolli-pop.Caress my nuts between my thighsand use your tongue to gauge my size.Lick my cock from balls to glans,weigh my nuts with both your hands.Accept my cock between your lips,take it down...
I kissed her lips tenderly, then she crossed her legs and broke my glasses!~ Anon.
4Great Sex Stories
My girlfriend recently read Power Play by Andrew Hobson and she told me how much she enjoyed it. She said that the sex descriptions reminded her of when we do it. God bless her.So I took a peek inside the book and I have to say that what she said i...
5Technicolour Blow Job
Years ago when I still lived at my parents house, I was watching TV one evening when the door bell rang. There, standing at the door was a very pretty girl with long dark hair. She introduced herself as Sharon, whom I had gone out with two or three ye...

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